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Anytime Counselling

Anytime. Anywhere.

Anytime Counselling is an Australian-wide counselling service offering over the phone personalised sessions with a qualified professional – made available to you anytime, anywhere.

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Connecting with you

Anytime, anywhere. The choice is yours

Call Back Counselling

Personal counselling sessions are available around the clock, so you can book a time that best suits you – all you need is good phone reception

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When you speak with an Anytime Counsellor, you’re speaking with a qualified and experienced professional

call back counselling

Anytime counselling payment options offer you peace of mind as full-service fees are disclosed upfront and processed after your counselling session has transpired; the only upfront fee you’ll pay is a small booking fee to hold your appointment time.

call back counselling

All sessions are strictly private and confidential – so you can feel safe in sharing all things you

Your Time

Anytime Counsellors call on time, every time, at a time chosen by you

Your Space

Anytime Counselling is available nationwide – all you need is a place to get comfortable and good phone reception

Your Choice

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