We are passionate about delivering professional counselling support that is available anytime and anywhere.

Anytime Counselling is on a mission to take mental health from a reactive space to a proactive one.

At Anytime Counselling, we know that life is tough – its busy, its hectic and the pressures are real. We want to support people to stay on top of their game and not succumb to the feeling that it’s all too much. We are equip with the skills to get you to where you want to be and keep you there.

Sick and tired of fighting with life? You can find support here. Let Anytime Counselling support you to get on top of it all and help keep you there.

Why wait for rock bottom to acknowledge how important it is to look after your mental health? Let’s clear whatever is holding you down, and work together not only to help you rise to the top of your world – but keep you there.


Anytime Counselling is a new way to access professional counselling.

We understand that seeking professional help can be daunting and we appreciate the courage required to take the first step. Congratulations on being here! 

We’re bringing a professional supportive Counsellor to you, in a less confronting approach, that will help you through the challenges you’re facing.

Anytime Counselling makes available professionally trained and highly experienced counsellors’ nationwide. With specialist skills and a desire to help you, the counsellors at Anytime Counselling are here to provide the support you need to work through significant life events, major decisions or change, distressing or complex experiences, and/or any pain or trauma you may be experiencing.

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Making Mental Health Accessible to Everyone

We understand the importance of mental health and the importance of making mental health support easily accessible.

Support through Anytime Counselling is:

  • Available at any time and anywhere 
  • Easy to use via our online platform
  • Available via phone or video
  • Available Australia wide


Accessing professional counselling is simple with Anytime Counselling’s easy to use online platform. Built for purpose, Anytime Counselling provides you with access to support at a time and place that suits you. Whether it be via video or phone, you can make a real-time appointment online.


Are your work and life commitments keeping you from taking time out for yourself? Your mental health should NEVER take a back seat. Our team of professional counsellors are available all hours to make sure they can fit into your schedule. 


Your counselling sessions are conducted by professional counsellors with real-world experience. You can have confidence that we provide access to professionals who are equipped with skills and knowledge to support you.