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Pssst, Thelma...do you have a Louise in your life?

Ever had a bestie you can talk to for hours? The kinda person who leaves judgement at the door, and just listens…the bestie that can hold space for any topic, and contently listen without having to interject all their (ir)relevant personal experiences? Someone who’s truly in your corner, backs you, and wants nothing more than to see you succeed?

Those besties exist, but they’re rare unicorns…when you’re struggling to find that elusive unicorn, you can call us. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Unlike your bestie, when you talk to Anytime Counselling, you get total anonymity, confidentiality, and qualified advice – meaning we’ll actually help you through those road-raging moments, instead of offering to be your accomplice in acts of revenge.

You don’t need to feel all shook up to shake it up

Here’s what we know: the old ways don’t work. Feeling ‘fine’ isn’t okay, and while life requires resilience, it shouldn’t always be hard.


We also know you don’t want to be placed on a waiting list for 18 months only to sit in front of a blank-faced, coat-wearing ‘therapist’ with an agenda. You’re an individual walking your own unique journey in life – you’re simply too important to be categorised by a generic checklist.


Seeking professional help is daunting; it takes courage and vulnerability to step up and open up…but it’s worth it (if you’re reading this, you already know that). Congrats on taking the first step.


At Anytime Counselling we’re ditching the status quo (and white coats), and we’re bringing some of Australia’s best counsellors directly to you, with a much less confronting approach. The best part about speaking to a counsellor on the other side of Oz? Well, you skip the 18-month queue, can chat with them in your PJs, and can tell them your deepest secrets and never run into them in the personal aisle of the supermarket.

Mental wellbeing isn’t just for people in moments of crisis – it’s for everyone.

It doesn’t matter where you are at this moment in time, let’s get you to where you want to be in your life…

because it is possible – minus the grind.

Not your typical online counselling service

At Anytime Counselling, we’re not here to play cold, clinical therapist – we’re here to be your confidant, your sounding board, and your partner in crime on this journey called life.

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