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Meet the founder


Tina Kendall

Founder & Counsellor

Anytime Counselling is the brainchild of Tina Kendall, an experienced counsellor and entrepreneur who became passionate about making professional counselling services readily available and easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time, after experiencing her own challenges in accessing professional help amidst a personal crisis.

“After the birth of my first child I really struggled; I was suffering from postnatal depression and when someone finally recognised just how bad I was – they suggested I see a counsellor. With no family nearby and no one to help me, I thought to myself – how the hell am I supposed to do that?  It took time, but eventually I struggled through to recovery – it was only then I considered how much quicker I might have recovered had I been able to access a professional counselling service offering flexibility, consistency and anonymity.”


Tina’s realisation pushed her to contemplate how a limited access to professional help might negatively impact the lives of others and how positive a person’s outlook might become through access to private, safe, anonymous and convenient counselling.


“When I lost my Dad, I experienced a sadness so deep, it remains with me today – but what breaks my heart more, is knowing he might have had a little more time with us had he been able to access the professional help he needed – but Dad was a deeply private and proud man, he would internalise his stress rather than speak about it and if you suggested seeking help from a counsellor, he’d laugh you out of the room. When I think about it now, I often wonder -would Dad have pursued the help he needed if he could do so while sitting in his truck or header, preparing for harvest or stripping the crops, all the while talking through his emotions, anxieties and concerns with a qualified professional with the rest of the world being none the wiser?”


It was Tina’s loss and personal hardships that motivated her to pursue a career in counselling; driven by her commitment to make professional counselling services readily available and easily accessible to everyone, she established Call Back Counselling – a platform through which clients can connect with an independent mental health professional at a time and place that suits them.  


“Working with families in the defence force, I saw first-hand how difficult it is for parents to settle their children, namely pre-schoolers, when they are constantly re-locating to new regions that offer little or no professional help. Developing strong support networks also appeared challenging in an ever-changing environment and members of the defence force often avoided seeking professional help as mental health assistance can become a mark on their permanent record, infringing their promotional potential.  These experiences for me really clarified that something needed to be done, so I strived to eliminate deterrents in seeking professional help by establishing Call Back Counselling.”


Tina has completed a Diploma of Counselling through the Australian Counselling Association, a Bachelor of Arts through the Australian National University, and a Bachelor of Education through Charles Sturt University.  Tina has accumulated fifteen years of experience working in schools as a counsellor and educator; has practised counselling in the private sector for over twelve years; and is a regular participant in therapeutic workshops and mental health seminars.

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