Post-Game Strategy

Tailored Mental Health Support to Navigate The Next Chapter Of Ex-Athletes

Post-Game Strategy

Tailored Mental Health Support to Navigate The Next Chapter Of Ex-Athletes

Start Kicking Goals (Again)

Welcome to Anytime Mate, where your post-game life gets the support it deserves. Transitioning from professional sports isn’t just a career change; it’s a life change. We provide specialised counselling that understands the highs and lows of being an ex-athlete.

Step Into Your Next Victory

Personalised Counselling

Transitioning from a structured athletic life to finding your new normal (and new identity) can feel overwhelming. With Anytime Mate, you have direct access to professional counsellors who understand an athlete’s mindset.

Flexibility and Accessibility

From the locker room to the living room…wherever you are, whenever you need, our doors are open. With options for video or telephone calls, you’re just a click or call away from professional support that fits seamlessly into your new schedule.

Privacy-First Approach

Stepping away from the limelight doesn't mean stepping out of privacy. At Anytime Mate, we prioritise your confidentiality above all else. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sessions are completely private, allowing you to discuss your feelings and challenges without worry.

Tailored to Your Unique Journey

No two athletes face the same set of challenges when they hang up their boots. That's why our counselling is highly customised. We tailor our support to align with your personal experiences, aspirations, and the specific mental hurdles of leaving professional sports. Whether it's dealing with loss of routine, the search for a new passion, or navigating relationship dynamics off the field, we're here to guide you through.

Your Playbook for Life After Sports

- STEP 1 -
Choose Your Counsellor
Choose from a lineup of skilled counsellors with insight into what it takes to transition successfully from professional sports to a fulfilling post-sport life.
- STEP 2 -
Lock In Your Time
Set up your sessions whenever suits you best – be it the crack of dawn or late at night. We fit into your life, not the other way around.
- STEP 3 -
Begin Your New Game Plan
Dive into your counselling sessions equipped with tools and insights tailored just for you. Start building a life that’s as rewarding off the field as it was on it.

Your New Team Awaits

Our counsellors aren’t just therapists – they’re more like coaches for life after sports. They bring understanding, empathy, and targeted strategies to help you tackle the challenges of finding new purpose and identity.

Clear and Simple Pricing

We believe in transparency and simplicity. Our fixed-fee sessions are priced without hidden fees, and your first session is offered at a discounted rate to welcome you aboard. Want to talk pricing? Reach out.

Ready to Rediscover Your Potential?

You’ve mastered the game; now master your life with Anytime Mate by your side.

Special Offer: 50% Off Your First Counselling Session!

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to put yourself first. For a limited time, enjoy your first counselling session at Anytime Counselling for half the normal cost. Don’t wait – book now and start your journey to a better tomorrow…today!

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