Supporting the mental health of your team

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Research has shown that counselling services can support the mental wellbeing of your staff both in the workplace and in their personal lives..

Untreated mental health conditions can result in absenteeism and a lack of an effective performance in the workplace. This can lead to loss of productivity, errors or injury, and result in increased costs to the business.

Anytime Counselling aims to bring a proactive and preventative approach to mental health within the workplace, encouraging employers to support the wellbeing of their staff both in a professional and personal manner to maximise performance and return on investment.

Supporting Employee Mental Health

Research has shown a structured counselling regime for employees can promote mindfulness and optimal performance in your workplace.


Benefits of counselling can include:


  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Improved staff morale and positive workplace relationships
  • Improved employee retention and quality recruitment
  • Reduced absenteeism and workplace conflict
  • Reduced workers compensation and associated costs

How Anytime Counselling can support your business


Anytime Counselling provides access to a group of professionally trained and highly experienced Counsellors with specialist skills and a desire to help. We have a unique understanding about the role of mental health in staffing and its ability to empower employees to perform at their best.


We understand that happy and mentally healthy employees are higher performing, more resilient and more engaged. We can deliver support to all personnel – not only those facing challenges. We can work to assist and support all employees and staff to achieve their absolute best.


As opposed to a typical Employee Assistance Program, Anytime Counselling provides staff with their choice of counsellor, offering the ability to establish a professional working relationship with them.


Our flexible approach means that Anytime Counselling suits your business to ensure counselling is convenient with maximum positive impact to your workplace.

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Counselling in your workplace

Counselling provides an employee with the opportunity to have a confidential chat with a professional and experienced counsellor. It is a time where they can talk freely, discuss challenges and work on strategies and skills to support their well-being.

Anytime Counselling sessions are conducted by phone or video-call, and consultations can be at a time that is convenient to the employer and employee. Through Anytime Counselling, Counsellors are available both during and outside of business hours to ensure your needs can be met.

Remote counselling provides many benefits as opposed to traditional face-to-face counselling:


  • No travel time lost from work
  • Availability when counselling can be most beneficial
  • Anonymity of phone counselling can be preferred


Our easy to use platform ensures employees are able to book a counselling session with a professional and experienced counsellor at a time that best suits them.


How do I sign myself or my employees up?

To sign up yourself, simply click the join now button at the top of the page. To sign up on behalf of your employees, click HERE and fill out the contact form. We will then contact you to assist you in signing your employees up to the membership level you believe to be most appropriate. We are here to support you and are happy to answer any questions you might have. By filling out this form you are not obligated in anyway to proceed with signing up. You can use this opportunity to discuss your needs with us and make an informed decision as to how you might like to proceed, if you choose to proceed.

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