Let’s Get Started

You’re just a few clicks away from having your first one-on-one counselling session.

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Step 1: Choose your session membership plan.


Choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs, starting at just $38.07 per /week.

Click here to find out more information about Plans.


With Anytime Counselling there are no lock-in contracts, and the membership can be cancelled at anytime.


Your membership payments will be charged to a credit card on a recurring monthly basis. If you accomplish your goals or if you find online therapy no longer to be helpful for any reason, you can simply cancel the subscription at any time.


Includes 1 session per month

$38.07 p/week

(Billing cycle is monthly at $165/mth)

Save 15%


Includes 2 sessions per month

$55.85 p/week

(Billing cycle is monthly at $242/mth)

Save 20%


Includes 4 sessions per month

$91.38 p/week

(Billing cycle is monthly at $396/mth)

Save 25%

Step 2: Choose your appointment type


So our counsellors have an understanding of your needs, please select your concerns from the drop-down menu. If you’re unsure about your needs, please select “General Counselling’.


Step 3: Choose Your Counsellor

Choose from our extensive list of professional and experienced Counsellors. All of our counsellors have a wealth of expertise in supporting mental health and will be available to help you through any challenges that you’re facing.

Step 4: Find A Time

Our counsellors are on hand to accommodate an appointment that suits your schedule and lifestyle. Choose from available appointments between or after working hours.


Step 5: Check Your Inbox

Anytime Counselling will send you an email confirming your appointment. At the time of your appointment, your chosen counsellor will contact you.