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Waiting for the 'right time' to invest in your mental wellbeing? Friend, that time is now.

Your Brighter Tomorrow Begins Today

We get it – life’s a whirlwind, and finding the right moment to start counselling can feel like trying to find a unicorn.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s not the right time? or you’ve got to help everyone else first? Maybe you’re even waiting for a sign from the universe (or at least a break in your schedule)?

Well, consider this your sign! We’ve made it a no-brainer to start today with our half-price first session.

It’s time to put yourself first – trust us, you’re worth it!

Need a Nudge?

Here's Why You Shouldn't Wait

Flexible Scheduling

Sessions anytime, anywhere

Immediate Availability

No waiting lists

Affordable Rates

Special half-price first session offer

Convenient Access

Online and phone sessions available

Supportive Environment

No judgment, just understanding

Experienced Counselors

Professionals who truly understand

Proven Benefits

Counseling can transform your life

Trust and Respect

Confidential support you can rely on

Your Choice. Your Way.

Australia's Best Counsellors At Your Call

Real conversations lead to real results, which is why when you’re speaking to us, it’s like speaking to a friend. 


With Anytime Counselling, you choose your counsellor, and if you get started and realise the counsellor you chose isn’t a good fit, you can change.

Keeping your wellness journey affordable

Your journey’s unique, as are your personal goals; we get it. Which is why we have a variety of counselling options available to choose from, including once-off counselling and regular, membership-based plans.  


(once-off session)

Think of it as a lifeline when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a once-off session is your chance to unload, unravel, and understand – all with the guidance of a professional who gets it. It’s also a great chance to see how counselling could fit into your life – with zero commitment beyond that first, transformative conversation. Ready to feel a weight lifted off your shoulders? Give it a go; it might just be the nudge you need towards a brighter outlook.



Worried about costs after your $90 first session? No need!

At Anytime Counselling, we offer flexible plans to keep ongoing support within reach.


(one session per month)

Check in monthly and keep your mental health on point. It’s like your mental health’s regular oil check.

$165 per session

$165 per MONTH


(two sessions per month)

Feel a bit lost? Fortnightly sessions will help you navigate life’s map with more confidence.

$121 per session

$242 per MONTH


(four sessions per month)

Weekly sessions are for those ready to dive deep and emerge stronger. Major life changes? We’ve got you.

$99 per session

$396 per MONTH

Still Trying To Talk Yourself Out Of It?

Consider This

Life gets busy, and it’s easy to push your own needs to the back burner. But here’s the truth: helping yourself isn’t selfish – it actually benefits everyone around you. Guilt-free support means acknowledging that your wellbeing is essential to the happiness of those you care for.


Waiting for the “right time” won’t improve things; taking action will. With our half-price first session, there’s no better moment to give counselling a try and see if it’s a good fit for you.


Your future self (and everyone else) will thank you.

Special Offer: 50% Off Your First Counselling Session!

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to put yourself first. For a limited time, enjoy your first counselling session at Anytime Counselling for half the normal cost. Don’t wait – book now and start your journey to a better tomorrow…today!

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