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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anytime Counselling?

Anytime Counselling is a telephone counselling service by which you can access professional counselling services from the comfort and privacy of your own space. You determine the most suitable time and we call you. is a platform through which clients can connect with professional counselling services provided by independent counsellors – anytime, anywhere, as Anytime Counsellors are not employees of Anytime Counselling and are not managed on a professional basis.

Are all Anytime Counsellors qualified?

Yes.  All counsellors providing their services through Anytime Counselling are certified and experienced counsellors.

I have a shared email account; how do I stay anonymous and avoid others seeing that I have booked an appointment with Anytime Counselling?

To maintain privacy in confirming your Anytime Counselling session, it is recommended you use a personal email account or establish a new, privately owned account and disclose this as your preferred method of contact

We work hard to ensure anonymity for all our clients.  When booking your session, we ask only for a name – we don’t mind if you make it up – and your phone number (this needs to be real). We do not store nor access any of your payment details, meaning we hold zero identifying information about you at any one time. 

If you choose to use the service again, we suggest you use the same name you used in your initial contact if you opt to speak with the same counsellor again; this makes it easier for counsellors to pick up where you last left off.  If in the case your counsellor believes that you or someone you know might be in danger, they are legally obliged to contact emergency services and provide them with the name you have given and your phone number. As professionals this is mandatory report for us and specified in our code of conduct.

I wish to speak to someone face-to-face, can this be done?

At this time, Anytime Counselling only offers voice call counselling services as not all phones and mobile devices have capabilities for conducting FaceTime calls.

How long does an Anytime Counselling session last?

Each Anytime Counselling session lasts up to 1 hour; if you require additional time, you can opt to make more bookings in Step 3 of the booking form

I missed my Anytime Counselling call, what do I do?

If you missed your Anytime Counselling call, your counsellor will call you back in 5minute intervals for a maximum period of 15minutes; your 1hour session will be deducted in time taken to answer the call and a maximum of four call back attempts will be made.  Should you miss your Anytime Counselling session, your non-refundable booking fee will be retained and full-service fee unprocessed. You can reschedule an appointment using the booking form, which will incur a new booking fee.

Is there a limit to how many Anytime Counselling sessions I can have?

There is no limit to the number of Anytime Counselling sessions you can have; you may opt to have one or many and as frequently as you feel comfortable with.  However, as many clients who are new to counselling often struggle to speak freely, participating in more than one session with the same counsellor can be beneficial – but the choice is completely yours; you will not be forced to return to the service, nor asked to book another session.  You are in control.

How am I charged for my Anytime Counselling service?

Your payment information will be acquired when you make your booking; the non-refundable upfront booking fee will be charged to your account immediately and the full-service counselling fee will be charged after your session has transpired.

We do not store nor access any of your payment details; therefore we don’t hold any identifying information about you at any time

I’ve changed my mind; can I get a refund or change my appointment time?

You can change your appointment time up to 24hours prior to your session and you are able to request a refund for your booking fee up to 24hours prior to your session should you choose to cancel your appointment.

I’m not happy with the service, can I get a refund?

If you’re unhappy with the service you were provided, please get in contact with us so we can assist you in resolving your concerns.

Can I claim Anytime Counselling services through private health or Medicare?

Unfortunately, counselling services are not currently covered under private health care or Medicare.  For more information, please consult your private health care insurer.

I’m a qualified counsellor; how do I go about offering my services through Anytime Counselling?
  • We’d love to hear from you!  Please fill out the Become an Anytime Counsellor  form and click submit; we’ll be sure to review your submission and contact you within five business days to discuss the process in more detail.


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