International Women's Day

On this International Women's Day, stand tall, stand proud, and stand on someone's foot if they question your worth (just kidding, but not really).

Ladies, lasses, women, and wonder-beings, here’s to you on International Women’s Day – our collective moment in the sun (or the moonlight, for those who prefer the night).


Here’s to the women who wear resilience as effortlessly as their favourite lipstick, who navigate the high seas of life with the grace of a thousand swans – even if occasionally one of those swans is paddling frantically under the surface, wondering, “Did I leave the straightener on?”


To the queens of multi-tasking, who can juggle careers, kids, and kingdoms with one hand, while Googling ‘how to fix absolutely anything’ with the other. To those who’ve mastered the art of the mute button on Zoom calls, artfully silencing the delightful chaos of life’s background score.


Let’s toast to the silent victories, the little triumphs, and the battles fought with the weapon of wit. To the way you laugh in the face of adversity, and sometimes, just laugh because your group chat is a lawless land of memes and mischief.


And here’s a secret high-five to the moments we don’t talk about enough – the solo dance parties, the bliss of cancelled plans, or the joy of a perfectly brewed cup of tea you managed to drink while it’s still hot (a rare victory, indeed).


Women, you are the tapestry of tenacity, woven with threads of humour and heart. You’re not just walking through history; you’re skateboarding down its hallways, leaving sparks of change and splashes of colour.


So, on this International Women’s Day, stand tall, stand proud, and stand on someone’s foot if they question your worth (just kidding, but not really).

Keep shattering those glass ceilings with your laughter and smashing stereotypes with your courage. The world is your stage, and trust us, your performance is nothing short of spectacular.


Happy International Women’s Day – may your day be as fabulous as the fiercest drag queen’s wig and as inspiring as your own incredible story.

Anytime Counselling’s here to celebrate you today, and every day.


Because let’s face it, women rock, and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops (or whisper it if the baby’s sleeping).

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