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Everyone deserves a safe place where they can speak (and be heard) with empathy and compassion, and without judgement or shame — which is why accessing our NDIS counselling services is the piece of the therapeutic puzzle that just makes sense. Our Australia-wide services are provided by qualified counsellors who are invested in helping you (or someone you care for) on your journey to living life on your own terms.

Anytime Counselling specialises in NDIS and disability mental health services.

The truth about living with disabilities

Life’s demanding, especially when you’re living with disabilities; often, the invisible stressors can be just as debilitating as the physical ones. While we all know it’s important to work on our mental well-being, sometimes it’s just not that easy – especially if you have reduced capacity, or you’re already juggling other therapeutic supports. Mental health access needs to be more accessible — for everyone.

The waiting game of accessing support services

Anyone who’s tried to secure any support services (with or without NDIS) will know that waiting lists are at extreme highs, with some wait times exceeding 12 months. And what if your local mental health professionals aren’t a good fit for your needs, or, you aren’t physically able to attend their rooms? Sometimes it can feel impossible to access the support you (or someone you provide care for) need. Mental health isn’t something that can just wait; it needs immediate, and ongoing attention — you’re too important to be sitting on any waitlist.

There's no better time than now to support your overall wellbeing and mental health with remote counselling services, anytime counselling.

Equity is ensuring everyone has the right to mental well-being therapy
Diversity means they get help tailored to their individual needs
Belonging means we'll always encourage individuals to embrace their special kind of special

An Anytime Counselling counsellor facilitating sessions with clients using a secure online portal.

How is counselling beneficial for NDIS participants?

Often, counselling is confused for just an emotional support therapy service, but it’s more than that. Counselling is a proactive, practical learning space, where individuals are guided by their NDIS counsellor to conquer goals and build new skills that strengthen mental health – like a gym, but for the mind.


Because here’s the truth: we can’t change our surroundings, but we can fill our mental toolboxes with strategies to not only cope, but thrive.

Mental health support delivered in your own time, in a safe space

The key to successful counselling is your ability to let go and feel safe discussing topics that may feel difficult to talk about. This takes vulnerability and trust, which we know is a big ask. We’ve found that by delivering our services remotely (via phone or our secure online portal), participants can find a safe, comfortable space for counselling sessions, be it in the comfort of their own home, enjoying a walk, or swinging at a park – the options are endless.

Anytime Counselling offers mental health support remotely across Australia via phone or secure online portal.

Who is our NDIS counselling service for?

Our therapy sessions are perfect for NDIS participants who want to learn practical, capacity building strategies so that they can navigate the everyday aspects of daily living. Here are just some of the topics we cover:

Making mental health assistance accessible to everyone




A collaborative approach

Disability is multi-faceted, which is why counselling should be just one piece of the puzzle. If you receive extra support from another therapeutic service provider, we’re happy to collaborate with them. This way we’re working together as a team with one common goal: helping you live life to its fullest. We work with occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, paediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists, and all other professionals in the medical space.

At Anytime Counselling, you get to review our clinicians' profiles and personally select someone that you feel is the right fit for your needs.

The process is simple

Accessible counselling via phone or online consultation throughout Australia.
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At Anytime Counselling, we've found that supporting all personnel increases the overall focus, productivity and culture of Australian businesses.
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Book an appointment at a time that suits you with one of our Anytime Counselling clinicians.
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Our counselling plans

Your journey with disability and navigating NDIS is unique; we get it. We have a variety of counselling options available to choose from, including once-off counselling and regular, membership-based plans:

Once-off sessions are the perfect individual counselling option for you to access mental health assistance in times when you feel you need it most

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Why choose Anytime Counselling?

Local Area Coordinators, Support Workers, and Plan Managers

We know how important your role is in helping NDIS participants access support services that help participants gain independence and thrive. We can help you with that.


Yes. In fact, a lot of individuals prefer it. Our online counselling service means that no matter how overwhelming life gets you can still easily access professional mental support to help you navigate the overwhelm, without having to add pressure to your day attending a counsellor’s office.That said, online counselling isn’t for everyone, and ultimately only you can decide if it’s suited to your specific needs.

No. That’s the beauty of online counselling; you can live anywhere in Australia to get support, you just need a phone or internet access and we can help you.

It’s completely normal to be a little nervous about your first session with a new counsellor. It can be daunting to open up and be vulnerable with a stranger – we get it. Your first session with Anytime Counselling generally focuses on supporting you in feeling comfortable and getting acquainted with your chosen counsellor. Together, you’ll work to clear the mental clutter and clarify your challenges and goals. Moving forward, you’ll build a toolkit that will help you get back the control in your life and make it all that you want it to be.

NDIS counselling sessions last for up to 60 minutes in duration.

Unfortunately, at present, our systems are only designed to take in self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants. We’re looking to provide NDIS counselling to NDIA-managed participants in the near future.

Find somewhere that’s comfortable and convenient for you, whether this is at home, in a park or car; the only important factor is that you’re comfortable.

Simply click the ‘JOIN NOW’ button to begin your journey to a happier you.

We have availability within 48 hours to start your counselling journey; skip the waiting lists and start your mental well-being journey now.


Absolutely. This is undeniably one of the best benefits of our service – you have access to some of Australia’s top counsellors, regardless of your location, and you can pick which one will best suit your specific needs.

Yes. We believe in our professional service, but we always want to empower our people with choice. If our online counselling isn’t serving you, simply email info@anytimecounselling.com.au to cancel.

Yes. Things change, and with it, so can your state of mind. We want to ensure you’re navigating your journey with the best strategies to cope with whatever life is throwing at you; sometimes this may mean speaking to your counsellor more, or even less. Simply email info@anytimecounselling.com.au and we’ll change your plan.

You have complete control to cancel and/or reschedule appointments quickly and easily via your membership portal. The only caveat is that you need to provide more than 24 hours’ notice.

Let us know by emailing info@anytimecounselling.com.au and we’ll get back to your question within five business days.


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