Refund Policy

All payments are made prior to the session taking place. With the investment of local business in your area we MAY be able to offer you a reimbursement of 50%, 80% or 100% of your fee – totally depending on funds available. We constantly and actively seek funds to support this and it is our hope that we can offer reimbursements often. In some circumstances there is a full refund policy in place should you choose to cancel your session. A full refund will be offered to those who cancel their appointment more than 24 hours prior to the confirmed booking time. You will need to notify us in writing for this to occur. We understand that counselling can be quite daunting for some and we do not wish for you to feel any more anxious than you might already be feeling. However, due to counsellor commitment, we are unable to refund any cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice. We also ask that you ensure you have good reception. We do not offer refunds for calls made to phones that have poor or no reception. When the counsellor calls, it will be at the confirmed time. If there is no answer, we will call again in five minutes. We will NOT leave a message to ensure client privacy. If there is no answer the second time, we will call a third time, 5 minutes after the second call – 10 minutes after the original time. Failing this, the counsellor will call a fourth and final time, 15 minutes after the original session time. Should the client not answer this time, the counsellor will consider the client unavailable and no further call attempts shall be made. This is a protection policy for clients who, for whatever reason, are unable to take the call. Any missed sessions are NOT able to be refunded. Call duration is one hour. Any time lost due to clients being unable to answer their first, second, third or fourth call will be deducted from the original duration period of one hour. Partial refunds will not be offered for time lost due to clients being unable to answer their first or subsequent calls.

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